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Spelling Bee NIGERIA

The Spelling Bee is a competition designed for students between the ages of 8 and 14 to inculcate the basic imperatives of effective communication,ultimately impacting improved spelling skills, development of poise, increase students’ vocabulary, pronunciation and accurate word usage.

This programme emphasizes the importance of communication because being erudite begins with communication, and communication entails the transaction of ideas, using words and symbols as a fundamental platform. The Spelling Bee competition is modeled after the internationally acclaimed Scripps National Spelling Bee of the USA.

How to Enrol ?

Simply Register Here for an ongoing registration or Contact US.

The Spelling Bee Nigeria seeks to:

  • To encourage students to improve on their knowledge and application of the rules guiding the use of English Language.
  • To provide a platform for competitiveness as an authentic avenue to educational excellence and by extension a solid foundation for economic liberation.
  • To provide a platform to instill leadership qualities in African children at an early age.
  • To build poise and confidence in African children.
  • To understand and know the 13 origins that the English language is derived from and how they affect English pronunciation.

Rules of the Competition

  • For the duration of the competition spellers are referred to by their number.
  • All spellers must take the vocabulary test which is a written one and counted as Round 1.
  • The speller must not have reached his/her 14th birthday on or before the start of a new competition.

Functional Education

We strive to bridge the gap between schools and reality and augment for a functional approach to education in Africa.

Better Skills

Our programmes teaches students functional intangible skills that are applicable in real world situations.


Our programmes are designed to light up the imagination of African youths , they directly engage the creative faculty.

Academic Excellence

Averagely , students who have participated, actively or passively ( as part of an audience) in our programmes are found to perform better academically and socially.

Advisory board

Patricia Banjo-Davis

Board Member

Anwulika Ngene

Board Member

Akinleye Olu-Philips

Executive Director/Team Lead

Kaneng Rwang-Pam

Director of Communications

Oluwatosin Bolarinwa

Creative Director

Awobode Florence Olajumoke

Country Manager

Gbenga Medugbe

National Coordinator